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IGN: ToxicMC
by ToxicMC » 5 months ago


It's crazy how the past couple months have been since we released Season 1 of Skyblock. We have been receiving a lot of suggestions on how to improve the network as a whole and I can't thank you enough for all the suggestions. One of the biggest focuses on this Beta Season of Factions is optimization and performance. We know one of the biggest struggles with our Skyblock is random spikes in TPS loss. This will be a test run of a lot of the new core features that will be implemented into our next season of Skyblock.




When we started the development of our beta build of Factions, we focused on the root causes of the core features on the network, with this beta will be testing out our new anticheat, stacked spawners (and other performance fixes), and improving the overall format of the server. Some of these few of these core features include…


Buffer Blocks

These blocks are blocks that have more durability towards explosions than obsidian. We have configured that Obsidian will take 8 hits of TNT to break. With these tiered buffer blocks they will increase the amount of tnt that is required to break. The will be uncraftable and only obtainable from crates & envoys.


Koths (King of the Hill)

This is an automated event that runs on the server that will broadcast the location the event in chat. These locations are just places in the world that players can run to to participate in the event. If you cap the point you will be rewarded with in game items or in game money.



These are like Koth’s expect instead of getting ingame items & money if you cap this point you will be given a 1.5x McMMO and 1.5x Sell boost in the Shop. This will also be a point on the map that players would have to run to get participate.


Boss Mobs

These are Custom mobs that spawn on throughout the map. That groups of players can fight and get experience, custom armor and weapons, and money in game. These monsters will be a lot harder than more mobs that will come across in the game.


Faction Upgrades

These are purchasable upgrades to give your factions in game perks. Some include Fast spawn rates from spawners, a larger virtual TNT bank, more factions warps and many more. These are purchasable with in-game money.

...and so many more.



Faction Top Rewards

Since this is the Beta season of Factions the Factions top payout will not be as big as the Season 1 of Skyblock’s payout. You can climb factions top by factions members balances and spawners. The Factions Top rewards are as followed.


FTop #1: $150 Paypal OR $200 Buycraft

FTop #2 $75 PayPal OR $100 Buycraft

FTop #3: $50 PayPal OR $75 Buycraft


That being said, Factions will be releasing 11/16/2019 at 1PM EST, and the Beta Season will run until 2/8/2020.

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IGN: ImKirby
by ImKirby » 5 months ago

Let's get it!

Quit thinking we're all the same. There's a reason "Unique" exists.