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IGN: ToxicMC
by ToxicMC » 4 months ago

During the course of Season 1, we noticed a number of issues, with the largest being the random lag spikes that would make the server unplayable. Along with fixing these issues, we have tried to take all of your suggestions into account to make the server as enjoyable as possible. The biggest change that you will notice is that the entirety of the Skyblock core has changed. The full change log for Season 2 is below:

- Skyblock Core changed

- Extensive Optimizations have been put in place to reduce lag

- Printer is now enabled

- Bit system changed

- Sell Chest system changed

- Mob/Block Stacking system changed

- Money Note system changed

- Envoy system changed (There are now 3 Tiers, and 15 envoys will spawn)

- XP Shop added (Withdraw xp using /xpbottle)

- Custom Enchants has limit has been changed (Default 3, Platinum/Champion4, Legend/Mystic 5, Guardian 6)

- Hopper Limit Upgrades added (Default 50, Upgrades to 100, 200, and 300)

- Some Island Upgrade prices have been changed to be more balanced

- Chat Formats have changed (Removed bold and caps from item names, and cleaned up chat)

- Island Level removed from chat

- /list has been redone

- Added Holiday Tags

- Removed Old/Unused Tags from crates (Some have also been removed completely)

- Sumo Events have been added

- Crate Animation has changed

- Added Leaves to the shop

- Added Lily Pads to the shop

- Added Sea Lanterns to the shop

- Added Podzol to the shop

- Updated the Bit Shop

- Removed Leather Armor from starter chest

- Minions will no longer randomly unlink from chests

- Store prices have been balanced


Season 2 will be starting 12.15.19 @ 3PM EST, and it will end on 3.1.20 @ 1PM EST.

We've decided to up the rewards for this season.

1st Place: $300 OR $350 Store Credit

2nd Place: $200 OR $250 Store Credit

3rd Place: $100 OR $150 Store Credit

4th Place: $75 Store Credit

5th Place: $50 Store Credit

We will also continue our bi-weekly rewards:

1st Place: $30 Store Credit

2nd Place: $20 Store Credit

3rd Place: $10 Store Credit

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