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Duels 3 months ago

Your IGN: FreakyFroggyG

Date occurred: 12/31/2019

Server bug occurred on: Skyblock

Description of the issue: In The nodebuff kit the potions dont work but sometimes they do (try this out for yourself ImKirby witnessed it also so yeah) 


Evidence if possible:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe05qiEZ3Jw&feature=youtu.be

Your IGN: FreakyFroggyG

Reported Player's IGN: ThemBoys04

Date occurred:28 Dec 2019 Might be 27th For you Because im AU

Server situation occurred on: Skyblock - Hub 

Description of the issue: So Basically Tommy Restarted the server because he was testing an issue/bug or was trying to fix the lag and in doing so sent all the players to the lobby as seen in the video you can see hes hitting at a consistent rate which shouldn't be happening even if he was watching videos (Thats what he said) Trust me i've learnt from experience when im watching videos my cps is all over the place like sometimes if im really interested I forget to click and just stop, as stated above the cps is too consistent for a while.



No friends.