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- What is your in game name?



- What is your Discord username?



- What is your legal first name?



- How old are you?



- What is your time zone?



- What do you plan on doing to help HyGate?

Keep the community as friendly as pissible by monitoring chat and getting rid of hackers.


- Please describe your previous staff experience.

  1. Retired Server manager on a Terraria server
  2. Retired Helper on a Terraria server
  3. Retired Admin on a CS:GO Jailbreak 
  4. Retired Helper on a Minecraft server (Doesn't really count because it was a friends server for 3 days but thought I might add)
  5. Retired HyGate Mod


- What does it mean to be a staff member to you?

Being a staff member is the same as being a role model police. You have to keep everyone safe, friendly, and give punishments to the people who don't follow the rules.


- How long have you been on the server, and how active are you?

I've played for a couple days now. I can't say I'm that active but will definitely spend more time on the server given this opportunity.


- How often can you play each day?

It's Corona time so very often each day for the next ~3-4 months


- Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I'm able to keep my cool with players in the game who are toxic towards me and I feel I have a good level of maturity.


- What are some of your strengths? How can you use this strength to help the server?

I can type fast, quick learner, friendly, pay attention to detail. I can use these strengths in the server because these are the key factors to having a proper helper.


- What is your biggest weakness? How do you think you can improve on this weakness?

My only weaknesses are that I push myself too hard and I can't parallel park perfectly yet. 


- What three words would you use to describe the current staff team?

  1. Active
  2. Friendly
  3. Welcoming


- Is there anything else we need to know about you?

I'm a highschooler taking college level courses so there may be days where I'm not on as much as my schedule says but I will make sure to make up the time on another day.



Scenario Questions

(Randomly pick 3 questions)



If you encounter somebody who says the IP Address to another server, what would you do?

I would mute the player and clear the chat of the IP.


If a member says that a member of the Staff Team is abusive, what will you do?

I start recording audio and/or minecraft of the staff member and send the video to the owner and/or staff manager.


If a member is spamming in chat, how will you punish them?

If the spamming isn't terrible but to the point where it's considered spam I'd give the player a warning. If this behavior continues it will turn into a temporary mute. Depending on what the player is spamming will also determine the punishment. If the player is spamming the n-word let's say that would be a mute and I'd clear the chat.

I’m cool 6 months ago

Oh dang, he really is just that cool

Player has been punished, thank you for your report - Locked

No friends.