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Staff Application - Siakam about 1 month ago

1.) What is your in-game name?


2.) What is your Discord username? (Ex. Name#1234)


3.) What is your legal first name?

I rather keep my real name private instead of posting it on a public website. I will tell you my first name in discord

(I don't want other people calling me by my first name)

4.) How old are you?


5.) What is your time zone?


6.) What do you plan on doing to help HyGate?

I plan on helping HyGate by being as active as I can. This would allow me to monitor the server and make sure that everyone is obeying the rules. I also plan on helping players in the community by answering any questions or concerns that they may have. Also, I plan on helping HyGate whether it is by helping with plugins/testing or by contributing unique ideas to the table.

7.) Please describe your previous staff experience (If applicable. Do not post any IP)

These are a few of my previous staff experiences, the two recent ones that I remember are AquaRaider and Plex.

- Owner on WarMC

- Admin/Operator on VikingMC

- Helper on AquaRaider

     I ultimately ended up resigning since studies are more important

- Helper on PlexMC 

    The server ended up shutting down after a month of its release

8.) What does it mean to be a staff member to you?

Being a staff member to me means that you should help manage the server and keep it peaceful. Staff members are here to enforce the rules in which the members of the community should follow.

 A staff member is also a person you could talk to if you encounter an issue or problem. They would do their best to help you with the situation and help you get it solved. 

At the end of the day, a staff member's main objective is to help grow and make the community a much better place for players to play.

9.) How long have you been on the server, and how active are you?

I have been on the server for many months. Throughout those months, I always used to log on and just talk to people during the skyblock seasons. Once factions released on Hygate, I became very active and involved around the factions community which ended up dying out after a few weeks. Throughout the past few weeks, I have been very active on HyGate by contributing up to 4+ hours each day.

10.) How often can you play each day? (Time Schedule)

Monday: 2-3 Hours

Tuesday: 2-3 Hours

Wednesday: 1-2 Hours

Thursday: 2-4 Hours

Friday: 4+ Hours

Saturday: 4-5 Hours

Sunday: 2-3 Hours

I might be able to play for much longer but it all depends on my workload since I am very busy with school. (I start online schooling soon)

11.) Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I believe that I should be chosen over other applicants since I have previous staff experience and I also have knowledge about the game. I feel like this would benefit the server and community since I would be able to share my knowledge with others and help improve the player's experiences. Furthermore, another reason you should choose me over other applicants is because of how active I am. Over the past few weeks, I have spent at least 4+ hours each day on HyGate alone. I am very dedicated to HyGate and come online very often which ultimately led me to apply for staff.

12.) What are some of your strengths? How can you use this strength to help the server?

I consider patience to be one of my biggest strengths. If an argument was to happen between two players on the server, I would have the patience to defuse the situation by hearing both sides of the story and resolving the situation. This would ultimately lead to clearing out any frustrations between the players.

13.) What is your biggest weakness? How do you think you can improve on this weakness?

I consider my biggest weakness to be toxicity. Throughout the servers I have played, I aim to play competitively where my main objective is to become more superior than others. The environments that I played in were often toxic which is where I ended up developing this weakness. Nowadays, I don't play on many servers other than HyGate. 

14.) What three words would you use to describe the current staff team?

Funny, Supportive, Helpful

15.) Is there anything else we need to know about you?

I'm a fun guy.


If you were on HyGate and spotted another player using hacks, how would you handle the situation as staff?

If I spotted another playing using hacks on Hygate, I would simply handle the situation by recording through the use of OBS. This will allow me to gather all the evidence that I need to ban the individual from the server. By doing this, it will create a more enjoyable place for the players in the community.

If you encounter somebody who says the IP Address to another server, what would you do?

I would simply take a screenshot of the individual saying the IP Address and clear the chat right away. I would then handle the situation by banning the individual from the server. 

If a member is spamming in chat, how will you punish them?

If a member is spamming in chat, I would simply warn the individual for spamming. If the individual decides to disobey the rules and continues spamming the chat, I would ultimately mute them over time. 


***If I was unsure of any punishments for any of the rules, I would ask another staff member***

Your IGN: Siakam

Reported Player's IGN: legend1028

Date occurred: 11/17/2019

Server situation occurred on: Factions

Description of the issue: Basically legend1028 started using Speed/Bhop when we were both going for the envoys in the warzone. We met up when he requested to TPA to me. He was a pretty chill dude but he took my envoy chests 😛.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/hPfY7zmKu