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Your in-game name: NotSamurice

Was your punishment a Ban or Mute: It is a Perm Ban

Date of Punishment: 23 March 2020

Punishment Reason reason: Reach Hacked Client

Punished by: KakashiBroke

Have you had a second chance already?

I think no

Why should we unban/unmute you?

Because I got false ban, I was hitting the sheep and extremly lag here so i think the console take my reach wrong and the person who ban me doesn't have a proof

What will you improve upon in the near future?

I will get better Wifi Router, I think that is the only thing i can do

Do you think the ban/mute was rightful?

No, but it's not KakashiBroke fault, I think that im so laggy so the system recive everything wrong, could be my fault and if it is my fault? I'm sorry


Is this your first ban/mute? If not please explain: I think this is my first time i got ban

No friends.